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Bloons TDX 1.5.1 is Out Now! Kinda Fixed Edition!

Bloons TDX 1.5.1 is now available to play on both windows and Mac OS, it includes a bunch of balance and bug fixes.

[Windows Download Link]

[Mac Download Link]

Note: Mac version may not be working right now, I am trying to fix this, also this might fix it I have no idea: [Link]

If you have any other issues please let me know, you can contact me via email or twitter or discord.

Bloons TDX is a fan game made by Ramaf Party. Here are some things you can look forward to in the game:

- 24 Towers, each with 4 upgrade paths.

- 30+ Tracks with multiple play modes.

- 13 Unique Special Missions.

- Tons of New Bloon Types.

- And 200+ Achievements to unlock

Hope you have fun popping bloons in exciting new ways.

You can also send me an email:

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  1. Plz Start Updating the game again. i like the latest content. but i dont want it to become too old and forgotten

  2. please start updating this game

  3. Please update btdx, it is an amazing game and there arent many good fangames out there

  4. When a bloonchipper pops a color splash bloon (from the 1st mission) it appears as though only 1 bloons results.

    1. Also, this is just a QOL thing but: when a regrow bloon is frozen, the ice looks as if it's a standard shaped bloon instead of heart shaped

    2. One more QOL thing for now that's probably more difficult to implement: the wave squares showing the correct bloons always, ie. on missions

  5. in pretty much all maps ive tried, the helicopter always gets stuck in the down right corner and the sides


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