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Bloons TDX Now Available on Mac!

Bloons TDX is now available to play on both windows and Mac OS:

[Windows Download Link]

[Mac Download Link]

Note: Mac Users may encounter an issue when attempting to open btdx after downloading, follow this tutorial in order to solve it: [Link]

If you have any other issues please let me know, you can contact me via email or twitter or discord.
Bloons TDX is a fan game made by Ramaf Party. Here are some things you can look forward to in the game:

- 24 Towers, each with 4 upgrade paths.

- 20+ Tracks with multiple play modes.

- 13 Unique Special Missions.

- Tons of New Bloon Types.

- And 200+ Achievements to unlock

If you encounter any bugs or have feedback/suggestions please leave them below. Hope you have fun popping bloons in exciting new ways.

You can also send me an email:

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