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Bloons TDX Out Now!

The new update for btdx is out! Bloons TDX is now available to play:

Bloons TDX is a fan game made by Ramaf Party. Here are some things you can look forward to in the game:

- 24 Towers, each with 3 upgrade paths and a secret upgrade Path!

- 34 Tracks with multiple play modes.

- 12 Unique Special Missions.

- 36+ Extra Challenges to test your skill.

- Tons of New Bloon Types.

- Several Mini Bosses to fight, and a final boss at the End!

- And 200+ Achievements to unlock

If you encounter any bugs or have feedback/suggestions please leave them below. Hope you have fun popping bloons in exciting new ways. Thanks to everyone who came along for the journey!

You can also send me an email:

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Discord: [Join Now]

Patreon: [Click Here]

If you get a game crashing bug watch this: [Video Link]


  1. Replies

      Check Here

  2. it worked before but now it does not

  3. When i get past wave 60 on nightmare the game flat out locks and there's no sprite for the wave. I can however back out to the menu.

  4. Has anyone been able to unlock the bonus pathway on the dart monkey because I'm struggling pretty bad with that challenge.

  5. Uhm remember when you fixed the road spike infinite money glitch by doing that you made another one and I was wondering if you fixed it in this version (the glitch is when you cancel putting down a road spike you waste money)

    1. wait a sec that's not a glitch
      that's just an issue with prioritizing
      cos a spike is placed whenever you click
      and a spike is placed before the one floating under the cursor gets destroyed through clicking cancel
      anyways you can just press esc

      and i have no clue if you'll even see this lol

      it isn't even infinite...

  6. When a new bloon comes, the Info box glitches out and shows every type, making impossible to read

    for each frame that passes, it updates to the next bloon type

    also, the bloons doesnt show up on the round counter


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