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Update on the new Bloons TDX Update, leave all your suggestions here

Watch this video for update information:

Leave your suggestions here

Things you should consider when suggesting a challenge:

Starting Cash
Cash Received from wave
Upgrade Restrictions
Waves Played
Towers on Map
Win Conditon

Other stuff could also probably be modified. Be as creative as possible. Also thanks to all of you for all the support for BTDX. Update will come out later this month!


  1. Challenge:
    Play on 1st map.
    Start with $100000 and 100 Lives. You get no extra cash, except maybe after 25 rounds. (Starting cash would have to be decreased.)
    Banana farms disabled.
    All upgrades that don't give cash are enabled.
    Make it to round 50 or 90.
    Also another challenge could be
    Start with 300 Lives, $400, and get double money, but only tier 1 and 2 upgrades.

    1. Hi! I'm Shining Dart Monkey (NinjaKiwi site name)! I suggest that you make a download for Mac users, I have to use a reply. Also, Are you going to make 6th tier+ later on?

    2. Hi! I'm Shining Dart Monkey (NinjaKiwi site name)! I suggest that you make a download for Mac users, I have to use a reply. Also, Are you going to make 6th tier+ later on?

    3. Mac download link(i converted it from .exe to .app):

  2. Maybe add an unlock all button, like pressing Tab on the title screen would unlock all towers and all upgrades, and give you rank 99, For people who don't want to grind to get stuff and just want to play with everything.

    1. Bruh, you seem lazy... You like to be OP.

    2. some pepol dont wuna grind to lv 98 again m9

  3. Hello, DeathBarrier here.
    The challenge is Crystal Crusher.

    Map: Sun Stone

    Lives: 50

    Starting Cash: 10000 (or less, you can decide)

    Cash Recieved: +50%, up to 10$ boost per bloon.

    Upgrade Restrictions: No 5th tiers.

    Waves Played: 10, but these waves contain a lotta Crystal Carriers (if that's the name, i forgot)

    Towers On Map: All, but the Buccaneer (Boat) and the Submarine, along with the Sniper and Farm are RESTRICTED.

    Win Condition: Don't lose a life. (I know, the life counter is 50, but that is to make the player feel safer.)

  4. No OP Towers Challenge

    Track: Conveyor Belt
    Lives: 200
    Starting Cash: 5555
    Cash Received From Wave: Double (Double money per bloon popped too)
    Upgrade Restrictions: 4 and 5 Tiers
    Waves Played: all until 85
    Towers on Map: All except for Super Monkey
    WIn Condition: Pass Round 85 with more than 150 lives

  5. The Glob Challenge
    Track: Monkey Meadows
    Starting Cash: 6000
    Cash Received From Wave: 1.5x money
    Upgrade Restrictions: only the middle path, Orbital Discharge
    Waves Played: all until the Lightning Propelled Zepplin
    Towers on Map: Charge Tower only
    Win Condition: just survive

  6. The "I Don't Need Assistance!" Challenge:
    Track: Conveyer Belt
    Everything else is normal but you can't have upgrades that spawn towers, like sentry gun and necromancer.
    Win Condition: survive up to round 90.

  7. Bloon Challenge Get amount of poped bloons before end of the time or specific wave starting with 300 lives bloons are 2x faster and 2x more harder to pop so it's harder to complete challenge

  8. Strange things challenge:
    Towers will disappear after 15 rounds

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  10. This isn't a challenge idea, but you should add an Overheat tower.It should look sort of like the Charge tower, but it works very differently.
    When you first buy it, it can shoot 5 projectiles that pop 3 layers each, and pierce through 5 bloons. When it shoots all 5 projectiles, it won't shoot for 5 seconds.After that it keeps shooting. It's initial cost should be 450 dollars.
    First upgrade costs 300 and reduces the cooldown time by 0.5 seconds.
    The second update costs 500 and it allows the tower to shoot 2 more projectiles.
    The first left path upgrade costs 950, and allows the tower to shoot 3 more beams before the cooldown time.
    The second left path upgrade costs 1220, and gives the tower 1 more beam.
    The last left path update costs 3500, and it gives it two cannons that shoot 0.5 seconds slower than a 0-0-0 cannon, and they pop 2 layers, and no pierce.

    The first middle path upgrade costs 750, and lowers the cooldown time by 0.5 seconds.
    The second upgrade costs 1050, and reduces the cooldown, again, by 0.5 seconds.
    The third upgrade costs 2450 and reduces the cooldown by 0.5 seconds and allows it pop 1 more layer per shot.

    The first right path upgrade costs 1000, and lets the tower pop 2 more layers and pierce through 1 more bloon
    The second one costs 1500 and makes every second projectile pierce through 8 bloons.
    The Last one is an ability, it costs 5500,allows the tower to pop every bloon on the screen down to a blue bloon, but it can be used only twice by one tower.

    1. Maybe the ability could make all towers on screen shoot a lot faster for three seconds, then they all go on cooldown for one second? And then when the ability ends, the overheat tower that activated the ability would have an extended ten second cooldown. That would fit more with the theme of the tower. Oh, and the
      other overheat towers would all be unaffected by the cooldown that the ability inflicts. That way, the ability would synergize with other overheat towers.

  11. 1. Mac version/Steam version, that way more people could play this game.
    2. Challenge Idea #1: Maybe similar ones to the Random Missions from BTD5M. Like "The Forgotten Duo" (glue and ice only, more starting cash).
    3: Challenge Idea #2: Only new upgrades or new towers. The first idea is self-explanatory, and the second one could be Charge Tower, Alchemist, and Plasma Monkey only.

    1. Mac download link (converted from .exe to .app) :

  12. Some easy challenges could be (these are all the exact same as a regular game, besides their rule) - using only towers on the left or right side of the tower selection bar
    Only being able to choose one upgrade path (left, middle, right)
    Not being able to go beyond second tier upgrades (Hope you like spamming towers)
    Only being able to use towers with/without monkeys

    And a more in depth one - March of the machines
    Track - Conveyor belts
    Lives - 200
    Starting cash - 2000
    Cash per wave - Regular
    Restrictions - None
    Waves Played - None
    Towers on Map - None
    Win condition - Round 60
    All bloons have lead properties, and any bloon that would've been a lead anyway gets buffed up a level. This applies to moab class bloons too.

    Also, some other things I had to say
    A - Ranking up feels a little too slow, maybe bump stuff up like, 1.25x base?
    B - Only a select few towers can deal with shield bloons to any decent capacity, which can screw you over extremely easily on random towers mode. Speaking of which..
    C - I know it kind of defeats the purpose, but random towers mode needs to be a bit less random, given a lot of the time it'll give you combinations unable to deal with certain things (e.g. if you don't get plasma or engineer, shield bloons are going to be a serious issue). There should be a hard limit on the amount of towers you get (like, say, 6), no more, no less (because getting two towers isn't funny the fortieth time), and you should be guaranteed towers that can pop every kind of balloon (or you could just make village always available, so you can get MIB), for obvious reasons.

  13. Challenge:
    Name: Ones too simple
    Map: Conveyor belts
    Cash: 5000$
    Cash per wave: half then usual
    Lives: 30
    Upgrade restrictions: 4th and 5th tier upgrades
    Map: Conveyor belts
    Restrictions: No Village, Banana farm, Dart monkey, and Charge tower
    Win condition: Finish wave 85.
    Special attribute if possible: Every bloon is one layer higher then its previous,
    and Brick bloons stay the same layer, MOAB-Class bloons have higher amounts of health

  14. where is the update link?the update came out yesterday.

    1. i'm wondering about that too.

    2. good thing I am not the only one. (yes the guy who posted the comment was me)

    3. You can update by redownloading the game, all progress will be saved.


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  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. sorry but you knew that is it going to happen sooner or later :D

  18. Idea 1:I think u should add hotheys for the upgrade this , for left path this . for middle path and / this for right part i think it would be good for speed upgrading .
    Idea2:U should add to the game so it shows u what are the hotkeys for what tower i know a couple that i remember so i can build fast and it should pop up what u have in hand
    Idea3: add some sort of thing that u can sell fast like spacebar and the fastforward change to enter :). thats all that i got hope u add it very addictive game

    1. But, there are hotkeys for the upgrades.
      Z for the left path, X for the middle path and C for the right path.

  19. How About This Challenge:
    Name: Difficulty to Both Sides
    Track: The Monkey Meadows
    Starting Cash: 1500
    Cash Recieved From Wave: Twice the Usual.
    Upgrade Restrictions: None
    Waves Played: None, Just Start At Round 1 Already!
    Towers On Map: All Towers Are Allowed, But None Were Previously Placed "Automatically", If That Is What You Mean.
    Win Condition: Clear Wave 100.
    Here Is The Special Thing About This Challenge: All Bloons Have The Following Effects:
    Camouflage, Static Shield, Lead, Tattered, Regrow and Split. Orange Bloons Split Up Into 3 Orange Bloons That Split Up Into (3+3+3) Red Bloons.
    The Bloon You Will See On Wave 100 Is A Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuarness (With All Those Effects!)
    Reward: (500 or 1000 (Monkey Money) , What Do You Think?)

    Suggestions For Upcoming Updates:
    Bloons Stronger Than The Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuarness.
    Purple Bloons That Move Faster Than A Pink Bloon And That Drops A Pink Bloon. White/Black Bloons Now Drop Purple Bloons Instead.
    Splitting Splitting Bloons That Split Into 3 Of Their Equivalent That Split Into (3+3+3) Bloons Of "The Same" Equivalent.
    Shields That Shield Bloons With +200% Health (A Total Of Triple The Health) Instead Of +100% Health (A Total Of Double The Health) , Monkey Engineers With The Shield Buster Upgrade Can Destroy The (Triple-Health-Total Shields) In Two Hits Instead Of One Hit.
    "New´" Bloon Effect: Ghost. Bloons Ignore Obstacles And Move "The Bird Way" (Straight And Short) To The Exit.
    Tier 6 Upgrades, Maybe.
    Regrow Bloons That Regrow 2 Layers "At A Time" Instead Of 1 Layer.
    (Ceramic/Brick) Regrow Bloons Can Now Regrow (Ceramic/Brick) Layer Health (Had 10 Health, Hit By 3 Darts, 7 Health Left, Wait Sometime And Then The Bloon Layer Is At 10 Health Again) . Could They Do It That Easily Before?
    Regrow Blimp Thing, Or The Regular Blimps Can Also Be Affected By Regrowth To Regain Health.
    Super Camouflaged Bloons That Not Even A Regular Ninja Monkey Could Detect. Can Be
    Detected By Monkeys With Upgrades That Can Help The Monkeys Detect The Super Camouflaged Bloons Even More!
    Bloons That Are Immune To Glue. Drops Two Purple Bloons.
    Zebra Bloons Are (Maybe) Replaced With Bloons That Drop Black, White and ((White/Black)-Like Bloon That Is Instead Immune To Glue)
    (3rd Tier) Pro Agents That Are "Permanently" Achieved After An "Unknown (Decide For Yourself) " Amount Of The Agent Purchased.

    Good Luck!

    1. Why do you capitalize every letter? It's obnoxious to read, and probably way harder to type. There's zero point in doing it.

    2. @Joseph-Xave It Does Look Nice To Capitalize The Letters. But, Did You Focus On Those Great Ideas Found On This Comment?

  20. Can you add a tower range preview for when you select a tower before you place it down so people don't unknowingly place towers in inefficient places and loose a lot of money selling it (due to the low sell prices) and place down another one?

    1. This has been a thing, in my experience... I may be faulty.

  21. Boss Rush Mode: One Big Bloon spawns each round with a round ramp, so the one bloon raises in power each round... Eg, ceramic on round 1, MOAB on round 2, BFB on round 3, DDT and ZOMG on rounds 4 and/or 5, then custom, much stronger Bloons from there on...

    Starting cash: 50,000
    Cash reward each round: 3k-5k
    Round limit: Up to 20 for extra difficulty
    Tower restrictions: No insta-kill abilities. (Submarine first strike, etc)
    Win: You win when the final boss bloon is defeated along with its children.

    I really want this mode due to its potential to be unique... I want to see all the custom bloons you can come up with along with their respective abilities.

  22. Jack in a box mode: A normal mode until higher rounds, then "fake" bloons become near impossible to pop (More RBE than a DDT, not a MOAB) as simple red bloons should have an RBE of 1, not 300! Then camo jack bloons will spawn, then more powerful so forth...

    Starting cash: 1850
    Cash reward per round: 350
    Round Limit: Let's do up to 50
    Tower restrictions: None
    Win: When all rounds are beat
    Special Stuff: Things that cost more than 1000 cash costs 10% more


    1. BTW make nonstop assault harder... I beat it with 4 charge towers

  23. Green Day mode: Only green stuff to start for this mode! And extra bucks to start with it! To make up for the money, MOAB classes have 50% extra HP and tattered Bloons spawn more often.

    Starting Cash: 5,000
    Cash per round: 650
    Round Limit: 85
    Tower Restrictions: Nothing but Mortar, dartlin gun, heli Pilot: Banana farm, and Sniper
    Win: When all rounds are beat

  24. Cash Starve: Start with some money and lose a lot afterwards... normal bloons, less RBE money

    Starting Cash: 2000
    Cash Per Round: -150 and rises and rounds go on. Eg, Round 20 is -750 cash per round
    Round Limit: Infinite
    Tower Restrictions: None
    Win: When you run out of money, your score is set

    1. BTW, any towers that give money (Banana farm) gives 1/5 (20%) money

  25. It Ain't a challenge but here's my tower submission :D

    Regular Bloon Chipper: Sucks in bloons [1 Layer Popped] (Yup, the Bloon Chipper. It may be hard to add because you would have to have to add an animation for bloons being sucked in, but I do hope you will add it.)

    Tier 1: Vacuum [Sucks in bloons faster]

    Tier 2: Sharper Spikes [Pops 2 layers instead of the normal 1]

    Tier 3 Right Side: Second Barrel [Adds a second barrel to the Bloon Chipper (2x popping speed + PP)]
    Tier 4 Right Side: No Escape [Sucks in every bloon in its popping power range (camo + lead aswell, But not MOAB class bloons) that comes by, also gains +2 PP]
    Tier 5 Right Side: Mega Barrels [Gains MOAB popping power, but takes a while to pop. (cannot suck in ZOMG/BFB) and gains +2 more PP, for a total of 8 PP at the end of this chain]

    Tier 3 Middle: Laser Chipping [Pops 3 Layers and gains lead popping power]
    Tier 4 Middle: Movement Sensors [Pops 5 Layers and gain camo popping power (lead popping power still stays)]
    Tier 5 Middle: Mini Chippers [Pops 7 Layers and spawns mini chippers (max 5) that have lead + camo popping power + Pops 4 Layers]

    Tier 3 Left Side: Strap-On Sawblades [Pops 4 Layers instead of 2]
    Tier 4 Left Side: Toxic Gas [Pops 8 Layers and Pops Bloons slowly over time after they exit the Bloon Chipper]
    Tier 5 Left Side: Clockwork Chipper [Pops 12 Layers and Pops 3 layers over time after the bloons exit the Bloon Chipper]

    This might be hard to animate but it would be really cool :) and sorry if the Right side is a bit confusing, so heres the explanation: the popping power range means that if the tower has a PP of 1, it only sucks in every red bloon nearby, 2 is blues + reds.. and so on.
    You can decide on the price, upgrade costs, etc. You might want to also adjust the right side a bit because it might be confusing for the players.

  26. How About A Tower Called "Ludovico Tower" (A Reference To "Clockwork Orange")
    Cost: 600
    Can Pop Camouflage
    Immune To Stun
    Looks Like A Flat Altar With Four Bent Yellow Sharp Metal Sticks Pointing Towards A Statue That Looks Like A Big Eye (And It Looks Like The Sticks Are Keeping The Eye Open)
    When Placed: A Round Projectile Follows The Mouse While Not Disappearing From
    Popping Bloons (Bloons That Are Not Popped Quickly, Pass Through The Sphere) , Moves Slowly (About 1 Tile Per Second) , Very Long Range, Somewhat Like A Sniper Monkey. (Like The "Ludovico Technique" From "The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+")
    The FIrst Upgrade (Warmer Ball) Increases The Amount Of Layers The Projectile Can Pop By +2 (Costs 300),
    The Second Upgrade (Bloontonium Heat) Increases The Same Stat By Another +5 (Can Now Pop Lead And Frozen Bloons) (Costs 500),
    The Left Path (More Focusing On Popping High Layers):
    First Upgrade (Angry Boy) Increases The Amount Of Layers The Projectile Pops By +11, Enough For Dealing With A Ceramic Bloon (Costs 3000)!
    The Second Upgrade (Flaring Sphere) Increases The Same Stat By +15 And Stuns Bloons (Costs 3500)
    The Third Upgrade (Anti-MOAB Technic Ball) Increases, Yet Again, The Same Stat By +15 And Now, With An Active Abillity ((Cooldown: 30 Seconds) All Towers' Projectiles Are Homing In On Bloons And With +2 Popping Power And They Can Now Pop +5 More Layers For 15 Seconds) (Costs 5000)!
    The Middle Path (Focusing More On Increased Velocity):
    The First Upgrade (Quick Boy) Makes The Ball Move Twice As Fast And Pop +2 Layers (Costs 2000)
    The Second Upgrade ( Makes The Ball Move +150% As Fast (A Total Of About 3 Tiles Per Second) And Pop +5 Layers (Costs 2500)
    The Third Upgrade (Unfair Sphere Race) Makes You Able To Choose Between "Follow Mouse" And "Target Bloon" And Makes It Remove The "Tattered" Effect From Tattered Bloons And Pop +5 Layers (Costs 3000)
    The Right Path (Focusing More On "Changed Gameplay" ):
    The First Upgrade (Small Orbit) Makes A Small Round Projectile Orbit Around The Bigger Sphere And Both Spheres Can Pop +2 Layers (Costs 2500)
    The Second Upgrade (Anti-Shield Sphere) Makes The Bigger Sphere Take Down Shields From Bloons And Both Spheres Can Pop +5 Layers (Costs 3500)
    The Third Upgrade (Spherical Dispenser) Makes The Bigger Sphere Shoot Tiny Cirles Against Bloons That Pop Lead, Frozen And Camouflage Bloons And Also Break Barriers And Now With An Active Abillity ((Cooldown: 30 Seconds) Makes Towers That Shoot Sharp Stuff (Like, Dart Monkey, Super Monkey, Tack Shooter, Boomerang Monkey, Sniper Monkey, Monkey Buccaneer, Monkeys That Shoot Darts Etc.) Shoot Whatever They Shoot, Except That The Projectils Turn Into 1 Spike Per Projectile, And Explosive Projectiles (Currently, Only The Bomb Tower) Turn Into Explosive Pineapples (The Effect Lasts For 15 Seconds))
    You Are Free To Balance This Tower By Altering Some Of The Properties And The Prices.
    Good Luck!

  27. Here Is Another Tower Type:
    Roadblock Towers Can "Only" Be Placed On Roads, Have (More Actual) Health (Similar To The Road Spikes) , Do Not Pop Bloons If Touched By Bloons, Lead Bloons Deal More Damage To Roadblock Towers, Camouflage Bloons Can Pass Through The Roadblock Towers Unless They Can Detect Camouflage More Clearly, Shields And Bloons Deal Damage To The Roadblock Towers Equal To The Health Of The Shield/Current Bloon Layer (Layer Have 50 Health, Deal 50 Damage To Roadblock Tower) , Paper Bloons Will Pop If They Touch Any Roadblock Tower, Static Bloons Stun The Roadblock Towers If They Touch Them And The Monkey Nurse/Towers That Can Heal Against Stun Effect Can Now Heal Them With 1x Hitpoint Per Healing Hit From The Tower (x Can Mean Over 1, So With Upgrades, You Can Heal More Per Healing Hit) If They Are Near Each Other (Monkey Nurse/Tower That Can Heal Against Stun Effect + Roadblock Tower). Roadblock Towers Are Usually Alternative Variants Of Existing Towers With Very Similar AI And Upgrades (But The Upgrades Cost A Little More Compared To Percentage) .

    Examples (Square Brackets [ ] Show Health, Asterisks * * Show Cost Of The Tower Itself, Not Including Upgrades):
    Roadblock Dart Monkey [20] *250* , Roadblock Tack Shooter [25] *425* , Roadblock Boomerang Thrower [25] *450* , Roadblock Sniper Monkey [25] *475* , Roadblock Ninja Monkey [25] *650* , Roadblock Bomb Tower [25] (Takes Less Damage From Lead, But More Damage From Explosion-Resistant Bloons) *700* , Roadblock Charge Tower [30] ( While Having Atleast One Ball Charged Up, Can Deal Contact Damage To Bloons Equal To PP, But Will Waste One Ball Everytime The Tower Gets Hit, Wasting One Ball At A Time ) *525* , Roadblock Monkey Engineer [25] (Can Still Place Sentries On Roads And On Land) *510* , Roadblock Monkey Ace [15] (Any Bloon Type May Pass Through The Plane Pad Thing, Can Still Move In A "Horizontal 8" Pattern) *900* , Roadblock Monkey Alchemist [25] *850* , Roadblock Monkey Apprentice [25} *525* , Roadblock Plasma Monkey [25] *1125* , Roadblock Super Monkey [50 (200 If Ugraded To "Temple Of The Monkey God) ] *3750*
    You Are Allowed To Change Some Stats And Stuff. You Are Free To Ask Me Questions About These Ideas.
    Good Luck!


  28. ___________________________________________
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object Energy_Disk:

    Variable Crouching_Monkey.ability(100676, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Object_Energy_Disk_Create_0

  29. There is glitch where you able to get infinite Monkey Money 1. Go to challenges 2. Go Time challenge 3 or 1. 3. Go home and you receive free 60 dollars Ramaf Party patch this glitch Pls its unfair.

  30. scatter gunner
    shoots 10 bullets in a 70 degree arc
    each can pop 1 bloon
    +2 projectiles
    T2:"overwhelming force"
    +DMG vs shields


    +explosive's [its only around bloon sized tho]

    "ticking time granade"
    +adds a slow ROF bomb that pops one layer and slows them down by 25% [stacks twice]

    "self defense"
    adds a combat knife attack
    pops 3 layers and "cleave's" 3 more over time [ stacks infinatly but is only 1 pop a sec]
    the 90 degree attack radius but only one sector range


    "dragons fury"
    fire spreads to nearby bloons

    "bullet ballet"
    for every 20 bloons destroyed this tower will shoot at 2x speed and have 2x prjectiles [cant stack and kills arnt counted while boosted"

    "men's sword fighting club"
    2X "cleave"
    +0.5 sectors of knife range
    changes knife for a sword


    "brimstone and hellfire"
    but mostly hellfire
    3x napalm effects [time dmg ect]
    2x AOE
    and +3 peirce

    "gravity? who gives a crap about gravity!?"
    all projectiles gain homeing and 2x speed

    "Masterful exacution"
    it's the art of profection
    2x melee range
    adds a harpoon that will pull a moab and stun them along with do 50% hp in dmg [can only proc 1nce and twice with monky vil's effect upg a wave]

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. challenge: you!@!!!!
    monkey fort normal,
    starting cash: 2000
    only engineers, villages, and farms
    all bloons are static
    reward: 2000 mm and 30 bp

    1. money per wave: 3x
      all upgrades
      win condition: beat waves 10-90

  33. Hello there! i suggenst a Lagfree mode... maybe turn off all animations... maybe no pop sprite or some projectiles are much more simplistic... i think u should know where im going! And maybe it would be fun if u had a Workshop like a Mapeditor or smth like that

  34. Hello there! i suggenst a Lagfree mode... maybe turn off all animations... maybe no pop sprite or some projectiles are much more simplistic... i think u should know where im going! And maybe it would be fun if u had a Workshop like a Mapeditor or smth like that

  35. Maybe add camo to Zomg moab bfb and other moab class baloons

  36. there is a limitation on how many farms can produce cash,. Maybe add what the limit is, or remove it completely.

  37. So i Got Alota things i wanna say...
    first-off:amazing job
    secondly:quality of life improvents
    so what am i saying? im saying that the game has annoying systems like:you cannot set your towers to close,last,strong they are always at first as far as i see
    Also why cant you keep upgrading the towers withouth needing to click again and again.
    seriously i now its little but its annoiyng a lot.
    thats it i guess there is alot more but they are really minor complaints so ill stop and when i find something worth writing again i will.
    -That guy who says More 3

  38. So i Got Alota things i wanna say...
    first-off:amazing job
    secondly:quality of life improvents
    so what am i saying? im saying that the game has annoying systems like:you cannot set your towers to close,last,strong they are always at first as far as i see
    Also why cant you keep upgrading the towers withouth needing to click again and again.
    seriously i now its little but its annoiyng a lot.
    thats it i guess there is alot more but they are really minor complaints so ill stop and when i find something worth writing again i will.
    -That guy who says More 3

    1. i forgot about one little thing but this might just be my ignorance and not searching enough but can i mute music please...
      -me (whoever i am)

    2. found it yes it was my ignorance and not searching enough....
      -why am i even doing this.

  39. I've been playing and have found a few bugs/problems:

    1. The spike wall can be defeated by one simple shielded yellow bloon, which I think is a bit unrealistic.

    2. The true sun god cannot detect camo and does not do well against shields, and I personally think it should have three rays instead of one so that it works much better than the hyper ultra ray of doom.

    3. MOAB Assassin does not seem to be targeting the strongest bloon on screen consistently, it seems to target the first, the bloon most progressed on the track. Also, there are times where that ability simply doesn't work at all, where you click on the tower with a fully charged ability, and nothing happens.

    4. Camo bloons seem to block tacks from tack storm tack shooters. The tacks should go over them as if the camo bloons aren't there unless of course the tack shooters are enhanced with camo detection.

    5. Black bloons seem not so immune to explosions and white bloons seem not so immune to freezing. I will continue to keep an eye on this to see exactly what is doing what.

    I'll be on the look out for more bugs/imbalances/things I think might be considered problems. This game has a great deal of potential once the nooks and crannies are worked out of it. I say this as a modder of Minecraft who does this exact kind of work myself, and I am impressed with your work. BTDX 1.2 has been a joy to play.

    Also, it would be cool to see our old friends Blastapopoulos, Bloonarius, Vortex, and Dreadbloon show up.

  40. The grinding is really unnecessary because some people just do not have the time to grind so much, the graphics are REALLY off, the upgrade needs lots off clicking, which I would hope to be fixed in the next few updates. The tower ideas and designs are really great, the variety of bloons and blimps are creative, and the bosses are really hard to beat. That is all I m going to comment on the game.

    My challenge is : to tank the really big blimp with the shield. Of course, this might sound very easy, but you will have to defeat it within a time limit, like within 10 mins of playing your towers will be permanently stunned, and a blimp will come through. IF you can tank it, then you win. If you cannot tank it, then you will lose.


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